• Happy New Year 2018

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  • The pre-industrial demonstrator SCRIB will equip the Leclerc center of Saint Raphaël

    The Helioclim team is pleased to announce that the pre-industrial demonstrator of the SCRIB (Solar Integrated Reversible Air Conditioning System) program, co-financed by ADEME and the Investissements d’Avenur, will be located at the Leclerc mall in Saint Raphaël.


    Mr. Vincent Duveau, owner of the Leclerc mall in Saint Raphaël, and his team, including Mr. Couchaux, technical manager and Mr. Veillon, store manager, are particularly sensitive to the environmental cause.

    They joined the Helioclim adventure by proposing their building for the realization of the pre-industrial demonstrator of the SCRIB project and we are delighted to start this collaboration.


    This exemplary installation will heat and cool the sales area of ​​the mall thanks to the sun energy. A field of 130 Heliolight 4800 solar parabolic trough will be installed on the rooftop of the mall to power a 250 kW cold absorption machine: the largest solar cooling power installed in France.

    The wish of Helioclim is of course to deploy widely its technologies with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact, in France and all over the world.

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  • Helioclim celebrates its 6th anniversary

    Helioclim is the result of the vision of the five people who co-founded the company in May 2011 with the desire to invest their time, energies and talents in the environmental cause.

    The idea is clear: Helioclim will offer efficient solutions to fulfill heating and cooling buildings’ needs while enabling them to achieve significant savings.

    These solutions will be designed, developed and manufactured in France, within Helioclim, by Helioclim employees.

    Helioclim: products Made in France, for the whole world.

    Helioclim has 18 employees. The company has been organized by competence clusters to better meet customer expectations. Supported by our investors, we continue among other projects with ADEME and GrDF which have become, over time, close allies.

    At the beginning of 2017, we celebrated the signing of a first order that will create the largest concentrated solar field in France. At the time of the sixth anniversary, Helioclim continues its commercial development with a new signature that opens the export market. Our first customers are partners, they participate in the Helioclim adventure and share our values.

    At Helioclim, innovations are technological, of course, but not only. We offer customers tailor-made, turnkey projects to fulfill heat and cooling needs in an optimized and environmentally friendly way.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for a project, a partnership: or if you are looking for professional opportunities:

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  • First order signed for Helioclim

    The Helioclim team is proud to announce the signing of its first order for the creation of a field of 160 solar collectors Heliolight 4800: the biggest field for the supply of a heat network in France!

    This solar field with a capacity of 560 kW will occupy a floor area of ​​2537 m². It will contribute to the achievement of the “less 90% GHG emissions” target, that ESID Lyon wants on its project for the overall improvement of the energy installations of the defense base of St Christol d’Albion. All of the works allow emissions to be reduced from 4500 to less than 400 tonnes of CO2 per year.

    A group led by IDEX and integrating OTCE (design office), JP Industrie (Automation and regulation), SPIE-Batignolles (civil engineering) and Helioclim (solar power plant) won the project.

    The total length of the heat network is significant: 5.3 km. This network supplies heating and domestic hot water for 50 buildings.
    In summer, the power supply of the network will be 100% solar, and will fulfill nearly 80% of the needs!

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  • Air conditioning goes green !

    Thank you Katy Haswell for your article.

    To read it, click here.

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  • Le journal des entreprises – next step for Helioclim, the installation of the first actual size demonstrator

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  • Helioclim on Nice Azur TV

    Helioclim was the guest thread of the Grande Emission show on Nice Azur TV.

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  • Intervention at the National Day of the Engineer Thursday, March 31 in Sophia Antipolis

    Trib bull 01 Trib bull 02

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  • Helioclim competes to clean tech 2015 contest

    Join and vote for Helioclim on

    To vote, you simply need a Twitter account! For more information, check out

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  • Helioclim, a COP21 solution

    Join Helioclim at the Grand Palais in Paris from the 4 to the 10 of December 2015 for  Solutions COP21 Paris 2015.

    We will give more details soon!

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