The pre-industrial demonstrator SCRIB will equip the Leclerc center of Saint Raphaël

The Helioclim team is pleased to announce that the pre-industrial demonstrator of the SCRIB (Solar Integrated Reversible Air Conditioning System) program, co-financed by ADEME and the Investissements d’Avenur, will be located at the Leclerc mall in Saint Raphaël.


Mr. Vincent Duveau, owner of the Leclerc mall in Saint Raphaël, and his team, including Mr. Couchaux, technical manager and Mr. Veillon, store manager, are particularly sensitive to the environmental cause.

They joined the Helioclim adventure by proposing their building for the realization of the pre-industrial demonstrator of the SCRIB project and we are delighted to start this collaboration.


This exemplary installation will heat and cool the sales area of ​​the mall thanks to the sun energy. A field of 130 Heliolight 4800 solar parabolic trough will be installed on the rooftop of the mall to power a 250 kW cold absorption machine: the largest solar cooling power installed in France.

The wish of Helioclim is of course to deploy widely its technologies with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact, in France and all over the world.

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