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      Air conditioning is now a comfort standard of most of the buildings. There is no question of giving up this progress, but to propose cost effective thermal comfort solutions having low environmental impact.Air conditioning is massively used during summer period, causing overconsumption which creates electrical energy production peaks and delivery issues.
      Nuclear power plants being idle and hydroelectric dams being at their lowest level, electricity producers are obliged to use plants with high emission of greenhouse gases (for example thermal power stations).

      Moreover, to meet demand, large investments are made on the network to ensure reliability of power distribution.

      Kyoto Protocol objectives make unacceptable those greenhouse gas releases and it is precisely during the summer period that solar energy is maximal.
      Solar cooling is therefore particularly worthwhile.

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Under our latitudes, solar air conditioning solution faces barrier of a high investment cost if it’s profitable only on a warm period of 2 to 4 months. In contrast the solution is particularly attractive if it also provides heating and hot water. Investment is then profitable all year long.

For example, in France, 40% of consumed energy is used for buildings thermal comfort. The use of a solar solution would reduce very substantially energy consumption, replacing fossil fuels use (gas or oil for heating).

Helioclim offers an innovative solar reversible air conditioning solution based on a water / ammonia absorption chiller integrating internal energy storage and powered by solar trough collector.

This low-impact solution uses free solar energy to meet the needs for air conditioning and heating and will also address the need for cooling in industrial refrigeration and hot water.

Therefore Helioclim proposes an innovative solar air conditioning solution, reversible, based on a water/ammonia absorption chiller powered by solar concentrators and integrating an energy storage device.

Without CO2 impact (no release of greenhouse gas emissions), quiet, reliable and durable, suitable for small and large surfaces, it will connect with the traditional distribution systems.


More generally, Helioclim offers innovative environmentaly friendly solutions to fulfill buildings’ needs in heat and cold.

We develop and provide two innovatives products declined in 3 offers to companies interested in adding renewable energy-based systems in their buildings :

– Global solar solution for air conditioning, heating and industrial freezing based on a absorption machine supplied by innovative solar collector cylindro parabolic troughs Heliolight 4800,
– Solar collector cylindro parabolic troughs Heliolight 4800 to fulfill heat needs until +200°C,
– Innovatives absorption chillers supplied by a heat thermal source (gaz, biomass, process heat,…).