The Helioclim company was founded in May 2011, in Mandelieu on the French Riviera. Helioclim has been approved as a “young innovative company” (JEI).

Absorption coolers and solar concentrators are growing technologies. However the combination of these two technologies and their efficiency optimisation needs:

  • An advanced knowledge of thermal sizing and flow regulation,
  • An expertise in the area of mechanical engineering and materials qualification,
  • An in-depth chemical knowledge of refrigerant liquids,
  • A continuous monitoring of sustainable energy aids and standards.

Helioclim is born form the alliance of engineers experts in each of these areas.

The Helioclim R&D team has gained its experience in the aerospace industry. We have developed a sizing software which simulates the absorption chiller behaviour according to building needs and environmental parameters.

The company size and its independence from classical air conditioning industry makes it particularly efficient for the development of an innovative technology that has not reach its industrial phase.

Our management skills related to multidisciplinary project ensure that the product will be in adequation with our customer need within the set time frames and in compliance with the required cost and quality levels.


In our sustainable development wish, the Helioclim system has been designed to be massively produced locally, at a competitive price with respect to heating and air conditioning standard centralized systems. This unique position on the market allows us to envisage a very large business growth as a environmental friendly alternative to electrical heat pumps.