• Helioclim on BFM Business and BFM TV

    Watch the interview (in French) of Yannick Godillot and Marie Nghiem on the TV show “Green Business” of Nathalie Croisé on BFM Business channel



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  • Innovative solar concentrators

    Glass surface

    Very high reflectivity mirrors

    Leightweight : 60 Kg for 5m²


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  • Rooftop installation

    Installation on rooftop terrace, flat or with low slope

    One axe solar tracking

    Not weather hazards dependant

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  • Reversible solair air conditionning system

    Fulfill all building thermal needs

    Hot water production for heating and domestic hot water

    Cold water production for air conditionning or any cooling requirement up to -60°C

    Cost effective, reliable and secure

  • Project SCRIB

    Project co-funded by ADEME french agency, in 2 steps :


     ♦ Pilote site 10 kW cold : finalized and succesfull

    ♦ First large scale installation, between 100 and 700 kW

    Please contact us if you want to install our system on your building

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    • Energy savings up to 90%
    • Reliable and secure system
    • No CO2 impact
    • Cost effective